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August 18 at 7pm

I'm returning to Risk! to tell a wild story about my brief stint in politics. Student government, to be exact. Buckle up, my dear sweet constituents.


Welcome, Friend

I'm Rosemary.

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About Moi

A Comedian from New York? Groundbreaking.

Welcome! I'm Rosemary Cipriano. I'm a writer, actor, and award-winning funny person living in Manhattan. I'm from Long Island. Hopefully you're into that kinda thing.

By day I'm a content writer at a cybersecurity company and by night I am wielding a mic at comedy clubs and bars around New York City. Or on Twitter. I pride myself on the kind of comedy that makes you cringe and laugh at the same time with my unique delivery and too-true stories. 

I've told stories I promised my 10 year old self wouldn't leave my Hello Kitty diary; I've made my parents laugh at sex jokes; I've raised over $4500 for local DC non-profits since I want to give back to a city I destroyed as an annoying college student. Notably, my work has been seen on NYMag's The Cut, Risk! The Podcast, Funny or Die, and Generation Women,. 

Everyone has a different path to achieving their dreams. Mine consists of living a double-life writing jokes about studying witchcraft and confusing everyone that comes across my LinkedIn.

*if you're looking for a hair model, I'd love to get into that game. Stunning!



Sorry, Mom. Sorry, God.


Baby, I was born a brand.


What they say about me

"In short, she [Rosemary] is a quality comedian on the rise.


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Rosemary Cipriano


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