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Blogs, reports, infographics, oh my!

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Keeping Music HUMAN with Modern Defense Strategy

Ghostwrote a blog with HUMAN CTO about a bot service that compromised a very popular streaming service (wink wink nudge nudge) and the hackers being sad we stopped them. Oops!

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Giving Fraudsters the Cold Shoulder: Inside the Largest Connected TV Bot Attack

She can do reports, too! I wrote about ICEBUCKET, the largest CTV attack to hit the advertising world. Pour yourself a bucket of ice, and learn about this wild investigation.

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Show Me the $$: Account Fraud

Show Me the $$ is a series I started to explain different threat models using some fun storytelling! This one is about trying to get tickets to a concert, but bots snatch them up. How do they do it so fast? Find out.


Bringing the Cats Back to Cats On Broadway

Let's lighten things up, shall we? Here's some satire that was published in The Haven. Check it out right meow. 

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The Difference Between Fraud & Non-Fraud

This is a spicy one! In response to a a WSJ piece on a major discrepancy in Gannett's ad ecosystem, I wrote a piece explaining what could've happened and the lessons learned. 


What You Need to Know About Sea Monkeys

Probably the most bizarre piece I've written to date (and that's saying something), here's a weird emoji-filled fever dream about why you should buy sea monkeys. I too can't believe I was paid money to write this.

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