I write things down.

Welcome to my trusty portfolio! Here you'll find stuff that you may or may not like. Enjoy your stay!


Long-form, short-form, unusual, and usual. Check out my written content pieces.

Image by Matthias Heyde


This, too, is under construction. I promise I'm working on it, but while I have you - did you know that Liza Minnelli sings on a My Chemical Romance song?

Dive In
Image by Chris Lee

Brand Activations

This part of my portfolio is under construction. In the meantime, I suggest watching Lady Gaga's 2009 performance of Paparazzi

Let's Go
Image by Sarah Kilian

Island of Misfit Toys

This will one day be a collection of work that has no home but deserves a roof over its head. However, she is not ready for primetime. While you wait, watch this video of a horrible emo band. It got me through most of the quar.

Image by Girl with red hat
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