Content Queen

In a surprising turn of events, I am the Content Writer and bot joke extraordinaire at a cybersecurity company: White Ops. They are the leader in bot-mitigation with the mission to Keep the Internet Human. I'm a ghost writer, copywriter, content writer, and so much more. Check out some of my work below as well as some broader career highlights from yours truly.


Giving Fraudsters the Cold Shoulder: Inside the Largest Connected TV Bot Attack

The Threat Intelligence & Research team uncovered a massive CTV bot attack they dubbed ICEBUCKET. This was a mammoth of a piece to write with our white-hat hackers. Who said learning stops after college?


Why White Ops: About the Investment from Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Group and ClearSky Security

I had the pleasure of helping announce a major investment from Goldman Sachs and ClearSky Security by ghostwriting this piece for our CEO. Check it out here.


How to Succeed In Ad Fraud by Really Trying

A primer on how cybercriminals commit ad fraud. It's not as easy as you would think. Read it and weep here.


Sea Monkeys

Yeah, you heard me. I was commissioned to write a satirical piece about Sea Monkeys. I've never been more proud of myself. Read my finest work here.


Psst. I manage all of the social handles for White Ops.

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