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I write things down.

Welcome to my trusty portfolio! Here you'll find stuff that you may or may not like. Enjoy your stay!


Long-form, short-form, unusual, and usual. Check out my written content pieces.

Image by Matthias Heyde


This part of my portfolio is under construction. In the meantime, I suggest watching Lady Gaga's 2009 performance of Paparazzi

Dive In
Image by Chris Lee

Brand Activations

Because who said B2B can't have any fun?

Image by Sarah Kilian

Island of Misfit Toys

This will one day be a collection of work that has no home but deserves a roof over its head. However, she is not ready for primetime. While you wait, watch this video of a horrible emo band. It got me through most of the quar.

Image by Girl with red hat
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